Daisy Bouquets

A daisy is one of the widespread flowers that you can often see in bunches. People who want to please their dear ones often buy compositions with these simple, but charming flowers. In this article and in FAQ we will look at various aspects of the delivery of daisies in New Zealand. We’ll talk about the use of flowers in various compositions.

Daisy Flower Delivery in NZ

Our stores have daisy flower bouquets in different varieties – these expressive flowers can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Thanks to the convenient online service, you can order a bouquet of daisies and deliver it at the right time and place. The service is available even for customers who live in remote cities of the country.

Daisy Bouquet designs

Compositions that are made of daisy flowers can have different varieties. They can contain only monochrome flowers. Or combinations of different colors: yellow, purple, blue daisy. Moreover, daisies are often combined with other flowers. This allows you to create exquisite and elegant compositions of daisies flowers in Wellington, NZ.

Send Daisies Online for Any Occasions

You can give such flowers for any special event – from holidays and anniversaries to simple everyday events. These bunches are linked with romantic feelings, respect and friendship. A bunch can be a nice present for a girlfriend, a colleague or a mom. Your dear ones will be happy to receive such a beautiful gift.


What does the daisy flower symbolize?

The meaning depends on the situation and traditions. There are cultures in which daisies embody innocence. Flowers are also connected with faithfulness.There are countries in which daisies are associated with optimism. People can put their own symbolism and feelings into a bunch.

Do all daisies come back every year?

Daisies are perennial plants. They can grow and flower for several years. But it’s possible only with suitable conditions and care.

What does it mean when someone gave you a daisy?

If someone gives you a daisy, the plant can embody different things. For instance, in some situations a bunch is associated with sympathy. In other cases it can demonstrate warm feelings and respect.

Is daisy a romantic flower?

Yes, it is associated with love. You can often see such flowers in romantic bunches.

Are daisies a good gift?

Daisies are a suitable present for any special day. They are elegant and symbolize positive emotions. You can give daisy bunches to friends, relatives, colleagues or loved ones.

How long do daisies last in a bouquet?

With proper care, plants can stay in good condition for 14 days. However, the period of their life depends on external factors and care.

How do you keep daisies fresh in a vase?

If you want to keep the bunch as long as possible, you should remember these recommendations:

  • Cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. And then put the plants in a vase filled with water.
  • Refill the vase with new liquid every 2 days. And cut the stems slightly.
  • Flowers shouldn’t be put in a place with direct sunlight or heat. A cool, dark area is more suitable for the bunch.
  • Add some sugar (1 tbsp) and some vinegar (two tbsp) in a liter of liquid. This method will keep daisies in a good condition for a long time.

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