White Roses

White roses embody innocence, admiration and affection. Such flowers are found in various bunches and compositions. People generally use them in wedding ceremonies. In the materials of the article and in FAQ we will describe the main peculiarities of delivery of white roses in New Zealand, the features of a white rose bouquet. We’ll also talk about the secrets of keeping flowers and about their symbolism in various cultures.

White Roses Delivery in NZ

In New Zealand, clients have a chance to order a delivery of a white roses bouquet online. Our company offers services for arranging bouquets and delivering bunches to the specified address. There’s a great variety of roses of different kinds and sizes. Florists can also add decorative elements to a bunch.

Order a White Rose Bouquet Near You Online

If a customer wants to please somebody who is far away, there’s a great possibility to order a bunch online. Our flower shop and service offer the delivery. The customer only needs to select a bunch, pay for it and specify the address. The white rose wedding bouquet or another flower composition will be delivered soon.


What does a bouquet of white roses represent?

A bunch is made of flowers that are gathered in a harmonious composition. They can have various sizes. Bunches can be complemented with other kinds of flowers or with decorative elements. The bouquets are decorated in different styles and combinations. For example, it may be a classic composition of an original one.

How do you preserve a white rose bouquet?

The bunch will remain fresh for a long time if their owner follows such tips:

  • Cut the plants at an angle of 45 degrees. This procedure helps them to receive water more effectively.
  • Don’t forget to fill the vase with new liquid regularly (every 2 days).  Slightly cut the plants
  • Roses must be put in a dark, cool place. Direct sun and high temperatures must be avoided.
  • Sugar and water will help roses to last longer. Use one tbsp of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar. Put them in a liter of liquid.

Are white roses rare?

They are rather widespread flowers. But their availability is linked with the region and the period of the year. White roses are widespread from May to September. Whereas in other periods there may be fewer plants.

How long should white roses last?

With proper care, a bunch can remain fresh for 7-10 days. However, the variety, storage conditions and care influence the duration of this period.

When to buy white roses?

Flowers can be bought at any season. But sales peak from May to September. At this period there are a lot of bunches at affordable prices.

Who do you give a white rose to?

You can give these flowers in many cases. For instance, on a wedding day, for an anniversary,  for a birthday. Or just to demonstrate warm feelings. You can often see these flowers in bunches that are made for brides and newlyweds.

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