Easter Flowers

Historically, Easter flowers play a big role in honoring him. They fill people’s homes and sacred temples with wonderful colors of renewed life and enchanting spring aromas. They not only decorate various types of premises, they are also a symbol of the rebirth of a new, happy life.

Easter Flower Arrangements in NZ

Easter flower arrangements are very popular among church parishioners and those who want to pay tribute to their loved ones on this wonderful day by giving an Easter flower. Bouquets of them will perfectly complement the festive decoration, emphasizing the New Zealand flavor.


What is the traditional flower for Easter?

This is a white lily. She is the embodiment of purity, rebirth and hope. White lilies are often used to decorate churches and homes, adding a festive atmosphere and reminiscent of rebirth and new life. Their exquisite aroma and elegant appearance bring a sense of peace and spiritual renewal, making them an integral part of Easter traditions.

What are the colors of the Easter flowers?

They usually come in light and pastel colors. Popular bouquets include yellow daffodils and tulips, symbolizing joy and sunshine, as well as pink and purple hyacinths, adding delicacy and elegance. These soft, spring-like shades create a peaceful atmosphere.

Do you give flowers on Easter?

Of course, this is a wonderful tradition! They not only decorate homes and churches, but also bring an atmosphere of spiritual revival, making the holiday even more meaningful and joyful.

What do you put in the church flower arrangements for Easter?

Green fresh leaves, pretty willow twigs and graceful palm leaves are often used to create volume and highlight the spring theme.

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