Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Flowers for a funeral are very important for the good memory of the deceased person. They express their respect. The flower for a funeral must be selected very carefully, as color is important. It is best to entrust this to professional florists. Condolence flowers mostly appear in the form of wreaths and memorial baskets. Funeral wreaths are made in the shape of an oval. Inside this wreath you can place a photo of a loved one. Both fresh and artificial flowers are placed in the wreath.

Sympathy Flowers in Wellington, NZ

Condolence flowers represent part of the local traditions of this city. There are many online flower shops that are ready to help relatives and friends pay their respects on this difficult day. Funeral flower arrangements include roses, calla lilies, chrysanthemums and lilies.

Buy Flowers and Wreaths for Funeral Online

Delivery florists select flowers for bereavement with special attention and care, taking into account the wishes of those who contacted them with such a request. Condolence flowers are delivered on time and to the right address, thereby providing support to the family.


What is the most appropriate flower for a funeral?

Funeral  flowers and sympathy flowers in Wellington, New Zealand include lilies, as they express calm and peace. They are also associated with spirituality and hope.

Who should buy flowers for a funeral?

Relatives, close friends and colleagues bring flowers to funerals as a symbol of memory.

What Colour are condolence flowers?

Blue flowers convey a feeling of calm and support, expressing deep sympathy. Purple represents dignity and respect. Pink symbolizes tenderness and memory, expressing warm and touching feelings.

What is the proper etiquette for funeral flowers?

It is important to find out what flowers the family prefers. Flowers are accepted in advance or directly to the ceremony site to avoid inconvenience. Compositions should be restrained. Wreaths and baskets are popular. Also remember to include a condolence card and your name with the flowers so the family knows who the gesture came from.

What are the best flowers to give someone who is grieving?

Roses and chrysanthemums are often chosen to show respect.

What does the wreath symbolize at a funeral?

Its closed shape, representing a circle, is an ancient symbol of infinity, making it a special sign of respect and reverence.

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